Don't forget to use your code for additional savings at checkout. If you don't have the code join our list.
Don't forget to use your code for additional savings at checkout. If you don't have the code join our list.
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About Us

Glorious Tresses and Glam!
       Your Hair Is Your Glory! It Tells Your Story. Let Us Help You Slay!
We decided to start this company for several reasons besides the fact it's something we are passionate about.  Also, one of our owner suffers from PCOS which one of the side effects is thinning hair. We wanted to offer products for people who suffer from thinning hair, loss of hair or physical changes due to medical issues could utilize without damaging their natural hair.
          Regardless, if you suffer from hair issues or not you can utilize these products.   We are all natural at Glorious Tresses and Glam. Since transitioning can be an adjustment for some women we wanted to offer products to protect your natural hair while you transition.

       Our goal is to reduce the time in your routine. We want to offer you solutions to enhance your natural beauty while saving you time. We understand you're busy working, operating a business or multiple, some are raising kids, and fufilling all kind of daily obligations. The last thing we want to do is add more time to our schedule. We want to bring back the feeling of back in the day when you went into a salon to get your hair done or you took time to do your hair at home. Self-care is a necessity not a luxury. Your hair is apart of your self care routine and if it's not it should be. Allow us to be apart of that for you with our products. 

          Hair extensions can be worn in a variety of ways. There are various methods for installing hair extensions. We want to encourage women to have an open dialogue about hair extensions and why they elect to wear hair extensions.
         Here are Glorious Tresses and Glam LLC we believe Hair is the ultimate accessory. Your hair extensions, wigs, etc should look natural. That's why it's extremely important to have a stylist that is experienced with installing hair extensions.
     We pride ourselves on providing beauty products to meet the needs of women. Our hope is that every woman would feel just as beautiful, confident and excited as we do when we are wearing Glorious Tresses and Glam LLC hair extensions.  
          We provide exceptional customer service to each and every customer. We focus on quality over quantity any day. 
     Our hair extensions are for everyone regardless of race, culture, sex and/ or religion.  
     Wigs are great for hair loss, thinning hair and for convenience.  You can put wigs on and take them off to care for your natural hair.  It’s the perfect accessory for the everyday professional woman. You can save time, save money and slay at the same time.
       Allow Glorious Tresses and Glam LLC to be your choice of virgin human hair, lace wigs, clip in human hair extensions, lace frontals, and more.  Our elite line of hair extensions is our "raw" hair extensions. Raw extensions are premium. These extensions are worth the investment. They last longer with proper care. Glorious Tresses and Glam LLC hair extensions go through Quality Assurance. We want to ensure we are delivering the best products to you. 
      Hair extensions are just our first line of beauty products. In addition, we have hair serums, eyelashes, and more. Stayed tuned for more beauty products and services that we will offer in the future. Click the "Shop" link to see what products are currently waiting for you.